I am a Distinguished Engineer at IBM Canada, working on IBM Watson Studio and Cloud Pak for Data. It is a premier Data&AI platform designed to run fully managed in IBM Cloud, as well as a software deployed on premises, or your cloud of choice. A lot of my blog comes from that experience. My tagline comes from my double life in which I am simultaneously enchanted with UI design and engineering, although engineering often wins. I will formally apologize for sometimes calling myself an ‘architect’ in one of the posts.

I worked for IBM for 26 years on various projects, including Eclipse. In fact, I wrote the first lines of code for the Eclipse platform UI, PDE, UI Forms, Welcome, Install/Update. As a part of Rational Jazz, I lead teams building cool Web UIs using Ajax. I have some management training but I very much tried not to live up to the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert. I am now striving to lead by example rather than manage through org chart.

I got a BSc, MSc and a PhD from a University in Former Yugoslavia before moving to Canada. That country does not exist any more, which is a pity. Nevertheless, I still remember some of the things I learned there, and I put them to good use in my new life. When I want to impress people, I call myself Dr. Dejan Glozic, but I can’t really cure your cold or anything else that ails you.

I have a wife, a son and a daughter in Toronto. They wanted a cat but I worried it will scratch my high end B&W speakers. Our cat’s name is Pepper and yes, it scratched my B&W speakers. It is sleeping next to me as I write this, which is good – you know, less speaker scratching.

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    1. Actually, I was toying with the idea to make two photos in the required attire and blend them but that sounded like too much work :-). In real life, I own no turtlenecks and only one hoodie, so jot it down as ‘artistic freedom’ :-).

  1. “That country does not exist any more, which is a pity. ” Same feeling there 😉
    I am Jugoslavian too and used to know this country as well ’cause my mother is from there 😉
    I moved to Canada as well, strange feeling to see that we share the same path 😉
    Anyway, you’re article on Micro-Service helped a lot, can’t wait to integrate it to my projects !
    Vidimo se, Gospodine 😉

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