Odds and Ends

Jack Spade Odds and Ends pouch
Jack Spade Odds and Ends pouch

This week and the next there will be no regular blog posts. I hate to break my routine, but I am going to IBM Innovate 2014, and being an IBMer myself, it is a working conference for me, requiring a lot of preparation time and paying my booth dues.

If you are coming to Innovate, don’t forget to come and hear myself and Dan Berg in our presentation on the new DevOps Pipeline we built for IBM DevOps Services (powered by JazzHub). Here are the coordinates:

ICD-1810 : DevOps Services: Automated Delivery Pipeline for Codename: BlueMix
Innovation – Cloud Development
Date/Time : Wed, 04-Jun, 09:15 AM-10:15 AM
Room : Dolphin-Australia 3
Co-presenter(s):Daniel Berg, IBM

While I am here, let’s review other events where you can see me. The next one comes in July 9-10, when I will present at DevCon5 in New York City. This is my talk:

Node.js Micro-Services: The Water is Fine, Jump In!

Well, duh – what did you expect, just check the number of micro-service posts I made – it is only fitting for me to spread the message in person as well.

Then, in September 7-11 in Ireland comes nodeconf.eu. I don’t have the title of the talk yet but you can expect more micro-service-y goodness.

So there you go – three opportunities to meet me and have a beer – what’s not to like?

See you again in about 10 days when I will resume the regular programming.

© Dejan Glozic, 2014

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